5 Tips to Make Personal & Business Goal Setting a Successful Endeavor 

While the majority of us know what goal setting is and understand that it is a valuable tool for keeping ourselves accountable in our aspirations, the actual process of setting achievable goals that will help us become successful, can be quite difficult in itself. This is because, while we look towards our future and our long-term dreams, we live in the present and therefore, must set long-term goals that help us overcome the obstacles we face in the short-term. This requires planning, dedication, realism, responsibility, and determination.  To help you make the goal setting process easier, we’ve compiled some tips you can use to increase your likelihood of success. 

1. Consider Setting Incremental Goals. While creating a six month or twelve-month business or personal development plans sounds fantastic, you can quickly become overwhelmed. This is because it is very difficult to pinpoint what is going to happen in that time, which is why we suggest setting incremental goals for every 90-days. This allows you to set goals that feel more achievable and it provides you with room to shift those goals around if something changes during that 90-day window. If you do choose to set incremental goals, make sure to break the larger goals in the plan into smaller ones with a step-by-step process of reaching it. When you do this, you can focus on one small area at a time, while still keeping yourself in check for the end-result.

2. Make Sure to Set S.M.A.R.T Goals.  It is highly recommended that you make your goals smart, in that they are specific in their nature, are easily measurable in some form, are attainable, are realistic, and are time-sensitive.  

  • Do not create ambiguous goals that are vague, as non-specific definitions will always lead to incomplete failures because you will not know what result you are chasing.
  • Your goals must be measurable so you can track your progress towards them.
  • Do not set goals that are too high that they become unattainable. This will bog you down and cause you to stop setting goals completely.
  • Set goals that feel real to you. Big goals are fine, in so long as they are realistic.
  • Attach timeframes to your goals. This will force you to work on your goals so that you don’t get behind on them.

3. Make Sure to Create Accountability for Yourself.  Find yourself an accountability partner that you can share your goals with. If there is someone else who knows about your goal, they will ask you about it, which forces you to work on it. 

4. If Your Goals are Business Related – Be Realistic About Your Schedule. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with business-related goals is not being realistic about what you can achieve with the schedule that you have. When you spread yourself to thin across your schedule, you will sacrifice quality while simultaneously draining all of your energy. Set aside realistic time blocks for working on your goals while being mindful of your other commitments. 

5. Always Keep Records of Your Goals & Evaluate Along the Way.  Whether you choose to use a spreadsheet, a mobile phone application, or a pen and paper, keeping track of your goals and the progress you make towards them is imperative to success. The progress you see made will keep you grounded, and it will keep you pushing for more. Plus, if you are tracking your goals and keeping updated records, you can evaluate the process and see what is working and what is not and adjust as you need to ensure maximum potential for success. 

Finally, visualize the goal as already being completed. Not only does this keep your mindset in a positive state, but it improves your chances for success because you can already see the end-result. When you go to visualize your goals, sit quietly and pay attention to what the goal looks like. Tap into what it feels like and how it makes you feel, and then use these emotions as motivation. Remember, always locate the “why” behind the goal and create an action plan for achieving it. 

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